After school clubs: 

First Grade Mad Scientist/Art Club

Come have fun with us!  We will be using fruit/veggies to do stamp art, marshmallow paint art, magnet painting, magic mud, rain in a jar, and bubble art.  Our science projects will include: Scientific Process—apple turning brown experiment/orange sink & float, melting snowmen, magnets, boat float, oobleck, and dry ice bubbles.

Second Grade: Kids in the Kitchen

They will actively engage with other kids in an activity that not only encourages fun and teamwork, but also teaches them an essential life skill, cooking!. We will learn to measure, mix and create! 2nd Grade teachers are excited to teach you about cooking, cleaning up, and having fun in the kitchen. Let’s put on our aprons and get ready to try tasty recipes with our Kids in the Kitchen!

Third Grade: Do you “Wonder” about Robotics?

Come join us on Tuesday nights as we learn how to program Dot and Dash in Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, These are the robots you always dreamed of having. We’ll use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dot and Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible.  No books needed, just you and your imagination.  We’ll create programs, conquer challenges and learn the basics of programming beginning robots.  We’ll even make a movie of your accomplishments to be shared at the Quest Annual Gala!
Watch for your opportunity to sign up and be a part of this robotic club.  
Dates and times to be announced

Third Grade: Chimes Club

Third Grade: Running Club

Fourth Grade: Arts and Crafts Club

Arts and crafts is a club designed for all fourth grade students.  We will be exploring how to work with different mediums.   A few of our projects will be making para cord bracelets, digital art, and sewing.  The club will also be helping create the center pieces for POQA’s Gala.  The projects are able to be performed by any skill level and are an opportunity for the students to be creative.

Fourth Grade: Utah Adventures Choir

Our choir club is known as the Utah Adventures choir!  We will learning and performing songs from a program called “Utah…This is the Place.  It’s a great program with some fun songs that will allow us to learn much about Utah’s history through music.   Every song correlates with our Utah studies core curriculum.

Fifth Grade: Green Screen Film Club

If you’ve ever wondered how super heroes can fly through the sky and do amazing feats in the films we watch, then this is the club for you.  In our green screen club students will learn how to utilize a green screen with background lights to create super hero like effects.  They will also learn how to select appropriate props and backgrounds for the short films they will create.