WIN Time

What does WIN time stand for? This acronym stands for "What I Need", and ALL elementary students have the opportunity to attend WIN time groups EVERY DAY for 30 minutes. WIN time provides targeted and meaningful reading instruction for readers of all levels.  Whether students are struggling to master the foundations of reading or they’re needing extension activities to push them to the next level, Quest educators provide students with exactly what they need…every day!

How do Quest educators know what students need? Quest educators are trained in the Science of Reading and they know the order in which skills must be mastered. Students are regularly assessed and monitored for growth using various assessments, diagnostics, and progress trackers. This data is reviewed by educators weekly, and students are assigned to specific educators, who provide research-based instruction that is designed and proven to help students make significant growth as readers.

During WIN time, all hands are on deck. Visitors will see teaching assistants, teachers, librarians, office staff, and even administrators providing instruction during this time. Quest employees value student learning and know that EVERYONE plays a role in making Quest, and Quest students, the very best!