High School Credits

We do not waste time! We allow our students to fly; they earn as many high school credits as possible to open up new doors in high school.

Our students have the option to earn as many high school credits as they want with our blended learning and self-pacing options.  For example, students can complete two years of mathematics, take an additional science or art credit.  

We removed all boundaries so students can complete as many required high school credits while at Quest.  This opens up opportunities for our students once they leave Quest.  Our goal is to help them get into their courses of interest and passion as soon as possible, we do not offer any fluff their ninth grade year. 


  1. Students can get a heads start on their associates degree 
  2. Students can get into our local Technical College to earn a certificate before they graduation 
  3. Students can have the freedom to join an internship to work as an entrepreneur

Quest sets you up for success in High School.

Surrounding jr. highs earn on average 6 high school credits their 9th grade year. 

At Quest Jr. High, everyone earns a minimum of 8 high school credits, some earn up to 13 credits.

What our students say!

Required Courses

Our required courses are Financial Literacy, Health 2, Fit for Lift, Computer Science Principles, Digital Media, Art Foundations, Geography, Secondary 1, ELA 9 and Earth Science.