A Day in the Life

Why I Quest.

Come, take a tour with us.

  • 8-ish AM

    8-ish AM

    Good Morning!

    As you enter Quest in the morning, our student council and cheerleaders welcome you into the building. Student’s smile and dance to the music playing as they prepare for the school day. 

  • 8am-3pm


    Throughout the School Day

    Once classes begin, you look to your left and see students with cameras recording a music video for a Digital Media class. Straight ahead, other students are building robots for Computer Science and to the right, students are immersed in a community project for History. 

    You walk into a math class, where students utilize technology in order to work independently at their own pace while the teacher gives one-on-one instruction, working with a student as they practice solving equations in preparation for the next Prove It. 

    In a nearby science class, students are engaged in an activity that has them utilizing inquiry while they manipulate independent variables to discover dependent variables, and collaborating as they rotate through stations. 

    In an English Language Arts classroom, one group of students dissects Shakespeare as others work together on their argumentative essays. The teacher leads a small group discussion on a current event article that each student reads at his or her individual reading level. 

    Students are clearly thriving in a blended learning environment.

  • 8am-3pm


    Safe, comfortable, and empowered in learning.

    The principal moves between hallways and classrooms, dropping in to quickly assess teachers and say hello. You can see that the peppy interactions with students make them smile as they move between classes. 

    You can tell that students feel safe, comfortable, and empowered in their learning.

  • Always.


    Every student. Every day. Whatever it takes.

    As you take this tour of our school, you recognize the love, passion, and positive vibe that members of this community feel every day.