Digital Innovator

Utilizes technology in social, academic and professional settings

Acquires industry-standard skills such as computer programming, coding and website design

Creatively makes use of digital tools for graphic design, photography, videography, and image manipulation.


Effective Communicator

Open-minded and considerate of the views of others

Expresses oneself and converses confidently and clearly

Seeks opportunities to collaborate and problem solve with a team


Inquisitive Thinker

Resourceful in seeking knowledge and understanding

Analyzes ideas through critical and creative thinking

Questioning and curious


Resilient Learner

Meets challenges with grit, courage and perseverance

Learns from failure and adjusts objectives in order to meet a goal

Understands and evaluates one’s own learning

Portrait of a Quest Learner

Quest graduates are exceptional scholars who set themselves apart by pursuing academic excellence.

Quest graduates take initiative to accelerate learning and use voice and choice to direct their own learning.